Mark Hurst

Trust Leader for Mental Health and Wellbeing

BA (Hons.) History, Open University / Certificated Trainer for Mental Health First Aid England

“I lead a team of Family Support workers and Early Help Practitioners who specialise in delivering targeted support to students and their families to help them overcome the barriers they may be facing. Further, I am proud to have trained many wonderful colleagues in Mental Health First Aid and we now have more than 50 across the Trust.”

I started my career in the world of hospitality, working for Forte, a large catering company. Whilst working in the retail and hospitality world I experienced the effects of poor mental health. I created a programme of events which looked at supporting the wellbeing of employees within Forte. My experience and training grew as I volunteered in my local community, working with children, young people and their families around emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Fourteen years ago, I moved into the education sector and I have never looked back. Whilst working in education I have formed strong links with and work closely with several charities who focus on wellbeing and mental health and I have developed resources to be utilised by students and their families. I have continued with my own learning and development and recently completed training with Mental Health First Aid England alongside Level 4 Early Help, counselling, self-harm and suicide awareness/prevention training, emotion coaching and mentoring.

All of these have given me a greater understanding of the issues facing our students.