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‘The Trust’ is not some entity separate from the schools and the staff who work in or across them. It is all of us, including the children in our care. We view the Trust as an extended family – and family members should look after one another. Our Trust is characterised by a caring, supportive ethos.

Below are listed some of the principles that underpin our philosophy as a Trust.


Our whole strategy is underpinned by a commitment to be genuinely collaborative. This is within departments, year groups, individual schools and between and across all of our schools. We are also committed to collaborative work with other Trusts where that is possible. This has led to many positive developments in our Trust which are contributing to us making strides towards making our Vision a reality.


Distributed leadership

We are fully committed to the concept of distributed leadership in its simplest sense. This is the most important approach we employ as an organisation in order to fulfil our Vision.

We dedicate time for our Trust Network Groups to meet, train and develop for the good of all our schools.  This includes our teams from both the education and business (support) directorates, including ECT’s, DSL; Principals, SENDCo’s and HER colleagues for example.

We also plan and share with a whole Trust and along with school to school INSET sessions.


People Development

We are fully committed to providing opportunities for our members of staff to develop themselves, both in their roles and beyond. Our Early Career Teachers benefit from a carefully constructed two-year programme to ensure their early years in the profession are developmental and well supported. There is a clearly articulated, thoughtful programme of school and Trust-based CPD for teaching staff as well as the opportunity to become involved with more formal qualifications via the two regional Teaching School Hubs we work with – John Taylor and Spencer.

Our support staff had full involvement in developing their own professional standards and proficiencies. We will be building on this innovative work in order to provide the most suitable, developmental training for them.