Early Career Teachers


Th de Ferrers Trust have supported hundreds of ECTs through the important initial years of their career. 

We have the ambition to nurture the very best teachers.

The two year ECT programme is an essential transition period for all newly qualified teachers, allowing their chosen school to provide them with stability, structure and support throughout an extended period of induction.

At the de Ferrers Trust, we take great pride in the Early Career Professional Development Programme we offer our ECTs in both phases (ECT1 and ECT2). Over the two years, ECTs will work through 12 modules, one per half term. ECTs are fully supported and mentored throughout this period with each time and opportunity being provided within each module for:

  • Learning the content
  • Putting that learning into practice
  • Reflecting on own professional and personal development

Our programme has a proven track record of ensuring that new teachers have the very best chance of success.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities we can offer, please contact Brenda Parker on ECTs@deferrerstrust.com

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Why is our practice seen as exemplary?

The de Ferrers Trust model allows specialists to share their knowledge across a wider area than one school

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Don't take our word for it, here are some direct quotes from our ECTs themselves:


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