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1:1 iPads

The de Ferrers Trust has run a 1:1 iPad programme in its secondary academies since September 2017, covering all Year 9 to Year 13 students. From September 2021 the programme was expanded to cover all students in Years 7 and 8 too. Every student has a managed iPad to use in lessons and at home - we use Lightspeed as a Mobile Device Management system (MDM) and monitor/filter, allowing safe and easy deployment across all year groups.

The Trust vision for its 1:1 iPad programme was based upon 5 key areas:

  • To help to improve student learning outcomes through harnessing digital workflows and assessment for learning tools
  • To equip all our students and staff with 21st century digital learning tools
  • To ensure that our 1:1 iPad programme model is both 100% inclusive and sustainable
  • To leverage potential of mobile learning technologies across our academies to support ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to digital learning resources
  • To develop key digital skills and responsible online behaviours in Trust students

By providing every student with access to their own digital device we have been able to significantly increase access to creative & organisational tools, online resources and more effective approaches to feedback and assessment. It also revolutionised approaches to remote learning and support for students with SEND and English as an Additional Language.

The Trust Programme built upon the 1:1 iPad programme run by The de Ferrers Academy since 2011. The academy has been a world leader in digital strategy, CPD and workflows and has been an Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) since 2013 and an Apple Distinguished School (ADS) since 2015.