Brenda Parker

Trust Leader for Initial and Early Career Teacher Training

BA (Hons.) in Learning and Teaching with Mathematics, Northampton University / Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Newman University / Advanced Diploma in Education, University of Birmingham

I strongly believe that education brings with it the responsibility to prepare the young people in our care for happiness and success in their adult lives.

I truly believe that teaching is the greatest profession in the world.

I agree, and I do not think you can hear this too often enough.

To qualify to become a teacher is a long, tough road to travel. The qualification is the start of a much longer journey.

I am privileged to lead The de Ferrers Trust’s Early Career and ITT teachers. Developing and supporting early career teachers on their journey to becoming future experts is something I am passionate about. It runs hand in hand with the reason I love teaching. I can help students build their self-esteem and believe in themselves and their ability to learn, nomatter what their background or abilities.