Brenda Parker

Trust Leader for Initial and Early Career Teacher Training

BA (Hons.) in Learning and Teaching with Mathematics, Northampton University / Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Newman University / Advanced Diploma in Education, University of Birmingham

I strongly believe that education brings with it the responsibility to prepare the young people in our care for happiness and success in their adult lives.

I was born and grew up three miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne. Education was not on my parents’ priority list and surprisingly was not viewed as particularly important. They both placed more importance on ‘working hard’ at whatever both my sister and I did.

I am a Newcastle United fan – not easy - but when you are born in Newcastle it is a must.  I still go to watch Newcastle play with my family when we are able to.

My favourite subjects at school were PE, Mathematics and Philosophy and Ethics. I adored my Maths and PE teachers; my favourite sport was netball. I particularly enjoyed the discussion aspect of Philosophy and Ethics.

I am privileged to lead The de Ferrers Trust’s Early Career and ITT teachers. Developing and supporting early career teachers on their journey to becoming future experts is something I am passionate about. It runs hand in hand with the reason I love teaching. I can help students build their self-esteem and believe in themselves and their ability to learn, no matter what their background or abilities.