Sarah Rea

Trust Leader for History

BA (Hons.) in History and Politics, University of Swansea / Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Secondary History, Nottingham University

“The cooperative working within the Trust has enhanced life opportunities for the students in all of our Academies, enriched the curricula and extended the family in which we work. Work hard, be kind, choose wisely. How different History would be if more people had adopted these principles! Maybe less exciting to study, but a better world would have been created.  These simple yet ambitious targets are the bedrock of the Trust and are principles that we should all strive towards everyday.”

I moaned about being dragged around castles as a child. I eye-rolled at the prospect of a forced museum visit. Then I had a History teacher who opened my eyes to the stories behind these artefacts, the purpose behind the monuments and the importance of the events and individuals.  All of a sudden I was seeing these opportunities with a new perspective and History became my favourite subject. I went on to study it at A Level and then at university where I quickly decided that I wanted to be that History teacher who opened students’ eyes to the wonders and significance of the past.

I went to school in South Derbyshire, at John Port School for my GCSEs and A Levels and then went to Swansea University for my degree.  I will be honest, I was swayed on the open day by the fact that I could see the sea from the lecture theatre and after living in the Midlands for most of my life it was an exciting three years by the coast!

After qualifying as a teacher I joined The Pingle Academy in 2008 and have never wanted to leave.  At Pingle, I have been a History teacher, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Teaching and Learning Lead Practitioner, Head of History and now Head of Humanities as well as Trust Leader for History.

I remain committed to History, although these days I spend more time reading Stick Man to my daughters than I do reading about the Napoleonic wars, but soon they will be old enough for me to drag them around castles, and force them to visit museums...and maybe, just maybe they will love it as much as I did.