Jane Oldham

Trust Leader for Science Technicians

Graduate of the Royal Society of Chemistry, University of Derby

“As a Science Technician, it is very rewarding to see the response of students when a spectacular experiment is demonstrated to illustrate a topic, or equally, when a simple experiment can help pupils to learn a concept that they have previously struggled with.”

Born in Derby, I studied Chemistry at what is now Derby University whilst employed as a Laboratory Technician in the Research and Development facility of a multi-national fibre and chemical manufacturer. After graduation, my career continued as a project team leader and Dyeing and Finishing Specialist. Additional responsibilities included leading on health and safety and supporting business quality improvements.

I joined The de Ferrers Academy in 2005 as a Science Technician specialising in Chemistry. The work of a Science Technician is varied with many different challenges – no two days are ever the same. As Senior Technician, then Lead Science Technician I have overseen the set-up of the sixth form laboratories and introduced new working practices and systems to improve operation of the practical support to the Science Faculty within the Academy.

I am the current Chair of the Association of Science Education’s National Technicians committee, representing the views and needs of Science Technicians in the UK to education policy makers.

I have been awarded Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) status in recognition of her expertise, experience and commitment as a technician.