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The Little Forest Longhedge Lane

An exciting project is taking shape on Longhedge Lane, the creation of an outdoor teaching area, open to all ages and abilities, in organised groups.

We often bemoan the couch potato/social media obsessed generation, well this area is designed to encourage young people to appreciate and enjoy the outdoors and what they have to offer, as genuine learning experiences.

Work was put on hold for the bird-nesting season, but planning continued, along with some infrastructure work, with teams of National Citizens Service Volunteers organised by Burton Albion, A team from Molson Coors and students from de Ferrers Academy. 

 A composting toilet is being installed, to improve facilities for schools and groups, wishing to use the site. Due to the impervious clay substrate, a soakaway has been added, to keep the main chamber dry and stop it becoming anaerobic and smelly. 

 The soakaway was backfilled with gravel, to allow fluids to drain, and a ‘wattle & daub’ wall, and connecting drain built up, to keep the gravel in.

 Gravel filled reed beds are a common way of cleaning waste water, a reed bed the size of a bath is considered adequate for a family of three.