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Our Members

Register of Members


The founding Members are detailed in the Memorandum of Association located at the bottom of this page.  Details of our Members for the last 12 months can be seen in the table below. 




Declaration of Interests

Elizabeth Laughlin (Chair)
3 September 2013
Employed by SCC
Mark Taylor
9 December 2014
Employed by Arden Group
Jacqueline Botton
3 September 2015
Trustee Burton on Trent Street Angels; Trustee for riverside church
Rev. Michael Freeman
3 September 2015

Andrew Taylor

18 November 2016

16 March 2017

Chief Executive of Burton Albion Community Trust

Matt Hancock
15 June 2017
Burton albion Community Trust
Kevin Gaunt
31 October 2017


Current members

Members that have resigned within the last 12 months