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Our Governance Structure

The de Ferrers Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and as such is required to comply with charity law and company law.  The charitable company was set up by our founding Members, details of whom can be found in the Memorandum of Association.     

The Trust is one legal entity with one set of Articles of Association that governs each academy within the Trust.  The Trust has a Master Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State and then each academy has a separate Supplementary Funding Agreement.   The Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and Master Funding Agreement can be located at the bottom of this page.  Each academy will publish their Supplementary Funding Agreement on their academy website. 


The Governance Structure is divided into three layers: Trust, Board and Local Governing Body.



The Trust

The Trust consists of five members who are very similar to shareholders in a normal company.  They are often considered as the custodians of the Trust and act as a ‘check and balance’ on the performance of the Multi-Academy Trust.  The members have the power to appoint or remove directors, amend the Articles of Association and, if necessary, wind up the Multi-Academy Trust.  To ensure robust accountability within our governance structure the Trust has a majority of independent members.  The members will meet as often as is necessary to carry out their duties, but at least on an annual basis.  

To see a list of the Trust’s members please click here. 


The Board of Directors

The board of directors have strategic oversight and ultimate responsibility for all of the management decisions within the Multi-Academy Trust.  The board consists of at least 9 directors, 5 of whom are appointed by the members.  The directors are appointed purely on a skills basis.  The board’s key responsibilities are to ensure, through their governance structure and leadership teams, that the Multi-Academy Trust is making proper and effective use of public funds and for the quality of provision.  The board of directors will meet as often as is necessary to carry out their duties, but at least once every half-term.  

The board of directors has established two sub-committees to assist them, namely The Audit and Risk Committee and The Policy Committee.  Each committee operates with its own set of Terms of Reference which can be located at the bottom of this page.  The sub-committees will meet as often as is necessary, but at least three times per year.  


To meet the directors please click here. 

The Local Governing Body
A Local Governing Body (LGB) will be established for each academy within the Trust.  The LGB carry out the Trust’s vision, policies and priorities.  They will play a support & challenge role and will seek assurances on behalf of the Board in regard to academic performance and quality of care and provision for their academy.  They are responsible for making decisions by way of the powers delegated to them by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation.  
All documents referred to are located at the bottom of this page.