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Little Forest Compost Toilet

On 5-1-18 Victor Ong and Lawrence Oates from Burton Conservation Volunteers (BCV) made a start on shaping the compost toilet chamber and lowering the level of the soakaway, so that the chamber could drain into it.

A number of tree whips from a TCV free tree pack, were planted in the hedge line, to beat it up, by filling in the gaps, ultimately making the site more secure and ‘hidden’. Whips were also planted to grow up and screen the section of fence alongside the gate, making the site less obvious to passing traffic.

On 12th Victor and Lawrence were joined by Alexander Hunt and the beating up continued along the hedgeline.

A broken field drain had been found in the toilet chamber, so a length of plastic pipe was purchased and cut to length, so it would overlap the ends of the broken drain. It was very hard work clearing round the pipe to allow the fitting, due to the dense nature of the clay and the cramped working area. Once fitted, the pipe was sealed in the clay and no further water leakage was observed. The pipe formed a ‘dam’ across the chamber, so the floor level had to be built up to ensure proper drainage and the soakaway was lowered, to drain the main chamber. An off-cut of the plastic pipe was set into the base, to drain the chamber to the soakaway and then staked into place with some of the branches lying around. A wall of clay was formed around the stakes, so when the channel is filed with gravel, the gravel will not fall back into the chamber. 

Subsequent work completed the gravel stopper and backfilled the soakaway, with gravel, after it had been dug lower. The clay base was trowelled over, to leave a smooth base sloping toward the outflow.