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Education Consultancy 

The Trust Board have commissioned Challenging Education as their Education Consultants.  The team will assist with the performance management of the Chief Executive. 

Simon Blackburn, Trevor Sutcliffe and Louise Mallett have worked together to challenge and support schools in Staffordshire for the last couple of years.  As key members of the school improvement team they have worked with headteachers, HMIs and governors to improve outcomes in Staffordshire schools and particularly the outcomes of disadvantaged children. 

Simon was a secondary headteacher in Shropshire, is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and has led over sixty-five Ofsted inspections.  He has trained governors for NCTL, facilitated training on programmes including NPQML and NPQSL and coached middle leaders on the Teaching Leaders programme.  Simon is currently a headteacher mentor for The Future Leaders Trust

Louise was a senior leader in school before joining a local authority as a behavior and attendance consultant and then joining the school improvement team.  She currently works as an Ofsted inspector carrying out Section 5 and Section 8 inspections in maintained schools and academies. 

As a senior leader in school, Trevor was responsible for coaching teachers to improve their classroom practice and worked with middle leaders to improve their monitoring.  Since working for local authorities he has successfully developed school-to-school support programmes as well as establishing a track record for supporting schools in improving their inspection grade.

For further information regarding Challenging Education and the service they offer, please click on their logo to take you through to their home page. 


Simon Blackburn


Louise Mallett


Trevor Sutcliffe