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Swadlincote school joins forces with The de Ferrers Trust to become The Pingle Academy


A Swadlincote secondary school has announced a name change as it joins The de Ferrers Trust after months of planning and preparation. 

Pingle's Principal Vivien Sharples said: "We are delighted to announce that The Pingle School has joined The de Ferrers Trust. Being part of a Multi-Academy Trust brings lots of advantages, such as more freedom to differentiate the curriculum for the needs of different students.

It also means better value for money as the buying power from several academies in the trust is greater. We have been working closely with staff from the Trust and from The de Ferrers Academy to prepare for the transfer and there is a real sense of collaboration.

The ethos of The de Ferrers Trust very closely matches our own. The trust encourages all students to aim high and this ties in with our mantra, "learning, progress, success … no excuses". Individual and student needs are at the centre of all we do and we encourage all students to be the best that they can be.

Year 9 students from The de Ferrers Academy and from Pingle have already enjoyed working together and in during the next academic year there will be many opportunities for students to visit each other's academies for curriculum and enrichment opportunities."

Steve Allen, Chief Executive said: "We are thrilled to welcome Pingle as a new partner to our Multi-Academy Trust. We have worked collaboratively with Pingle for a number of months, but the trust has allowed us to cement that relationship even further.

"I have no doubt that by working even more closely we will ensure that every child has an exciting and rewarding education. Numerous plans are already underway to further enhance the great experiences the children already receive. We are crystal clear that together we can achieve more."